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Young Environmental Professionals' First Meeting

Thu, May 28, 2015 10:46 PM | Anonymous

For anyone who missed the meeting or wants to Join YEP please pass the information on, and contact Brian or Dan at YEP@epoc.org if you want to get involved in helping set up study groups, social events, meetings, or the budget proposal to the EPOC BOD.


What a great first YEP (Young Environmental Professionals) meeting on May 21 at City Steam in Hartford! We would like to thank everyone for their input, questions, and interest in our newly formed organization! We covered a lot of ground and here's a recap for everyone who missed the meeting:

- Approximately 45 people attended the event;

- Dan and Brian introduced YEP and moderated the evening's questions and discussion points;

- Our EPOC President John Hankins and Executive Director Seth Molofsky spoke on behalf of the Board of Directors;

- We did a round robin introduction from all YEP members in attendance where each person responded to the question: "Why did you attend the YEP meeting tonight?"


Here's a summary of what everyone bounced back to us during our discussions:

-- What is EPOC and YEP all about?

-- Is the LEP-path right for me?

-- Do I need to be an LEP to continue/advance in my career?

-- I want information on how to become and LEP?

-- We need a support structure for future LEPs.

-- I need help with LEP applications.

-- LEP exam study groups?

-- I want to meet new people in my industry.

-- I want to socialize and network.

-- Who else is in my shoes?

-- Who shares my passion?

-- I am looking to meet environmental professionals.

-- Can we act as sounding boards for each other?

-- I seek guidance for what is available for my career.

-- I am looking for opportunities to learn.

-- I want to build my business through networking and learning.


From these great ideas, we agreed to focus our next efforts on the following:

- Have monthly social gatherings at local establishments, impromptu setting;

- hold an informational event, "An overview of the LEP program/Application Process";

- Begin an Online forum/discussion board to share news, ideas, and questions;

- Set up LEP Study Groups;

Organize a variety of socializing and networking events (e.g. bowling, hiking, happy hour);

- Hold quarterly meetings that may be informal vs. formal such as a fun presentation among peers vs. LEP or DEEP guest speakers who come in an present for us;

- A goal to have at least one formal meeting/presentation with DEEP or Someone knowledgeable regarding LEP application process/eligibility by end of the year so folks can start study groups for 2016 winter...

- Develop a budget proposal to the EPOC Board of Directors by end of June for their review during July's meeting to provide funding for YEP;

- Launch a Survey monkey to YEP members - this will allow us to fine tune the budget proposal we are presenting to the board;


We wrapped the evening up by asking for people who are interested in taking on roles for the YEP group:

-- Study Group Organizer;

-- Social Meetings Organizer (bowling seemed to be a hit)...hiking, outdoor events - Frisbee golf, ultimate...etc;

-- Formal Meeting Organizer;

--Budget Proposal Group.


We are planning to contact everyone who is interested in organizing one of YEP's sub-committees in the next week, stay tuned!

If you have any questions or would like to share some additional notes or offer a good survey questions please contact us. 


Dan & Brian 



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