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YEP Member Summer 2015 Update

Tue, August 11, 2015 9:57 AM | Seth Molofsky (Administrator)

YEP Member Update

We currently have (59) members registered as YEP Members on our EPOC website list.  Many of you attended the May 20, 2015 meeting at City Steam in Hartford where we held an open forum discussion of what we all wanted YEP to be, and how it could best support us.  Approximately 40 associate members attended that meeting and voiced interest in forming the (YEP) subgroup of EPOC.  During the open forum discussion at the meeting, we developed a list of ideas, and proposed committees to get people involved in YEP.  The list of committees and volunteers is listed below, and we welcome anybody to join these committees at any time.  We apologize if we did not capture everybody who volunteered, so please let us know if we missed anybody.  If you are interested in volunteering for a committee or suggesting ideas, please email YEP@epoc.org. 

In order to consolidate the list of ideas we developed at the open forum meeting, a Survey Monkey questionnaire was distributed to all Associate Members of EPOC - click here to see survey results.  Based on the results of the survey, we identified three areas of focus for YEP for 2015.  17 of the 34 respondents did not attend the meeting so we feel everybody has had an opportunity to offer input. 

- Peer Networking and Social Gatherings

- LEP Study Groups and Preparation

- Technical Seminars geared towards entry level to mid-level professionals 

The Budget Proposal Committee met in July 2015 and began writing a budget request proposal to the EPOC board of directors that we anticipate submitting to the board of directors in the next two weeks. 

We encourage all Committees to start forming contacts this month and we are looking for somebody to chair each committee. 

Budget Proposal Committee volunteers

Brian Skelly (GEI)

Dan Preli (Stantec)

Melissa Bezanson (Stantec)

Anthony Trani (GZA)

Jill Lore (GES) 

Social Committee volunteers

Jean Vossler (Antea Group)

Ally Schoenhorn (Stantec)

Luke <need last name> (?)

Kristen Amodeo (GZA)

Kate Engler (Apex) 

LEP Study Group Committee volunteers

Marlee Najamy-Winnick (GZA)

Shannon Spezzano (GZA)

Melissa Felter (GEI)

Amy Mastrangelo (GEI) 

Technical Events Committee volunteers

Anthony Trani (GZA)

Brian Skelly (GEI)

Kate Engler (Apex)




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