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YEP Member Update - Leadership

Thu, December 01, 2016 9:29 AM | Deleted user

YEP Member Update

We have defined some roles and responsibilities for YEP leaders to provide more regular communication with YEP members for social and educational events, and to coordinate YEP activity with the EPOC leaders and committees. We decided to adopt the general structure of the EPOC board and committees so that we have points of contact for the educational committee, social events, and tracking our budget. Members that have been active in forming YEP and coordinating events will take on many of these roles for the next 12 months through November 2017 at which time we will seek volunteers for 2-year terms. Brian Skelly will serve as YEP chairperson, Dan Preli will serve as YEP vice chairperson, Jean Vossler will serve as Social subcommittee chairperson, and Marlee NajamyWinnick will serve as Educational subcommittee chairperson.

We are looking for volunteers to be treasurer. The time commitment is a few hours each month to help coordinate events and work with the EPOC board. Please let us know if you are interested by emailing Brian Skelly at yep@epoc.org.

  • Coordinates payment of event and organizational expenses
  • Collects event and organizational fees
  • Keeps financial records and tracks budget, expenses, and fees
  • Prepares budget requests for EPOC
  • Maintains a financial history for YEP
  • Attends meetings of YEP
  • Liaises with the EPOC Treasurer

The next events we are planning will be LEP study sessions over the next six months, a few social events in New Haven and Hartford, happy hours, and a technical course on conceptual site models.

Any volunteers to help with YEP events are welcome! If you have an idea for an event or something we can do together, please contact Brian, Dan, Jean, or Marlee.




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