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EPOC Forms YEP (Young Environmental Professionals)

Wed, June 17, 2015 9:36 AM | Seth Molofsky (Administrator)

For the latest information about YEP, click here.

EPOC has formed YEP (the Young Environmental Professionals group, see description below) and we are now formalizing our member list. If you are interested in receiving updates and invitations to YEP events, please take a moment today to join YEP officially by logging into your EPOC account and then click on your name (top right on each page) to view your profile and then “Edit profile". You will now be able to join YEP by checking box under “Group participation” and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page. YEP is open to all EPOC members and is included with your membership dues.


Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) is a group open to EPOC members interested in our programs and social activities that will include:

- Informational events for those “on-track” to become CT LEPs;

- Online forum/discussion board to share news, ideas, and questions;

- LEP exam Study Groups;

- Socializing and networking events (e.g. bowling, hiking, happy hours); and

- Other activities per member input

By joining YEP you will receive invitations to all our activities and access to all our discussion forums.

For questions about YEP and how you can become involved, please contact us at YEP@epoc.org.

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